Perinatal Fitness Specialty Certification

trainer certification
Have you always had a passion for fitness?
Are you a certified personal trainer looking for an in depth and comprehensive specialty training certification?
Would you love to safely & correctly coach women in fitness during their pregnancy & postpartum months?
Strength in Moms offers a specialty certification for certified personal trainers to advance their knowledge and ability in Perinatal Fitness Training. Our course offers a complete and thorough training in the human anatomy & physiology of the female body during her prenatal months, labor & delivery and throughout her postpartum rehabilitation.
A Strength in Moms trainer will have the advanced ability to safely work in perinatal fitness, offer proper modifications and coach women to a better understanding of their bodies during this dynamic time in their life.

1.   Join the Strength in Moms Team

You can grow our team in your area! Don’t worry about creating a business platform, starting an LLC, building a website, paying for online advertising, etc… All you need to do is work with the clients! The business has been created for you, you enjoy your passion of perinatal fitness!

2.   CPT Specialty Certification (Course Only)

Certified Personal Trainers can build their knowledge through this thorough course on Perinatal Fitness Training. This option is the course only with no business support. You will not be a part of the Strength in Moms team, but you will have a course certification. We will ship you the course materials and you can complete the course at home on your own time. The course must be completed within 4 months.
trainer certification

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trainer certification