Frequently Asked Questions

  • YES! First rule of thumb…No Prenatal Care = No Exercise!!  It is vital for your own health and the health of your little miracle, that you receive prenatal care. As a team we can do our best to ensure the health of mommy and baby. I will email you a release form to take to your caregiver before we begin. If you are pregnant or less than 6 weeks postpartum, we must have a medical waiver signed before beginning workouts.

  • Have FUN! Each session is one hour long. We will start with a general warm up and a body check. Depending on whether a mother is pregnant or postpartum, we will check in to see if any modifications are needed during the workout. Throughout the hour we will move through a total body strength routine while maintaining a focus on the core and pelvic floor muscles. We finish the hour with stretching and a full cool down.

  • YES, YES, YES! You are creating a baby & your body is in overdrive for the next 9 months. To top it off, you will need to bring this baby into the world and take care of it. Labor & delivery, recovery from a c-birth, and carrying a new baby and all of its stuff are ROUGH on your body. Good core strength and stability along with proper cardio sessions will get you prepared for these amazing moments.

  • Being a strong and fit mom is wonderful! There are some emotional and psychological changes ahead along with the physical ones, but together we can help you maintain a solid fitness level throughout your pregnancy and into your postpartum months.

  • Current research supports the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, but remember…it is important that you listen to your body. It is possible to push yourself too hard and if you are struggling to breathe, then your baby is too. With the help of a certified perinatal trainer, you can work your body and keep it safe too! Feel comforted that you and your baby’s health are the most important piece to our plan. Our trainers are certified personal trainers by NASM as well as specialty certified in perinatal fitness. They have spent hours focusing on modifications and safe techniques in perinatal fitness.

  • Be comfortable and well supported!!! Wear comfortable clothes and supportive shoes. If you need to buy a new pair of shoes – do it! Your feet may change, but no matter what they will carry you through this wonderful time in your life. Also invest in a good, supportive sports bra. (no explanation needed….just do it, you will thank me later!) Each trainer will supply all necessary equipment needed for each workout.

  • Yes -what a GREAT idea! Baby showers celebrate Mom and Baby…what a great gift for Mom! Just email me and we will figure out the details. Give her the gift of becoming a Strong and Fit Mom!

FAQ’s – Perinatal Fitness

Strength in Moms Paperwork

There are a few forms that we need filled out before our workouts can begin. Typically a trainer will meet a client to discuss their goals, needs and current workout routines. At that meeting we can get most of the paperwork done. All prenatal clients will need a Medical Waiver filled out by their medical professional before we can begin working out. All postpartum clients that are less than 6 weeks (typical time for their postpartum medical check up) will also need a medical waiver filled out by their medical professional.
FAQ’s – Perinatal Fitness