The Curse of the Summer Puff

Last March I began writing a blog entry to submit, but I never actually finished it. It sits unpublished in my post inbox. The problem that this has caused is that this summer, I fell victim to my own summer warning. The blog post was addressing the “Curse of the Summer Puff”.

The story begins with a woman thinking about bathing suit season. It is early spring and she knows that soon she will be sitting at the beach or along the side the pool with her family and friends. This image encourages her to stay on her fitness schedule. She workouts, she lifts weights and she eats a well balanced and healthy diet…..for a few weeks. She does her best, but life happens.

Spring soon becomes summer and she finds herself now sitting at the pool with her girl friends. At this point she has no choice but to love & accept her body. The story takes a sharp turn as July enters into the picture! July is one of the top months for weight gain in both men and women. People don’t typically think of summer as the time for weight gain. Most assume that the winter holidays are top of the list. For many of us, July can be a crazy and chaotic month filled with travel, lazy days of summer and relaxed schedules & rules…for everyone. This is what creates the “Curse of the Summer Puff”.

Recently I was sitting in my car on the phone, while sitting in the drivers seat I looked down at my midsection and noticed a “puff” that was not there a few months ago. My eyes could not believe what they were seeing…I fell victim to my own warning!

Don’t Let Summer Take Over Your Body!

You see, once July hits, most people have accepted that they are in their “summer body”. There is nothing more they can do to change that….this acceptance leads to complacency. With July schedules, we lose control of our fitness routines, we have a few too many cocktails & we eat differently.

In August, many of our kids go back to school. Parents find themselves back on a regular schedule with earlier morning starts and calendars filled with meetings, activities and family responsibilities. This is when we realize the unfortunate results of our summer fun. BUT….we can fix it!

*  Get your life back on schedule  *   Put the fitness classes back in your calendar  *  Go back to the gym  *  Begin lifting weights  *  Find a friend to keep you accountable  *  Make nutrition a priority again  *

You can get your fitness and health back on track.

Do you need help finding a fitness routine? Do you feel lost and confused when you go to the gym? Do you know how to strength train? if not, we can help you! Strength in Moms is here to be a part of your team!

Reach out with any questions and we can try to answer them and guide you towards your fitness goals.

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