I wanted to thank you for making me a true believe of incorporating strength training as an integral part of my fitness (and overall health) plan. Before I was pregnant with the twins I ‘thought’ I was in good shape and fit. Heck, a month before I got pregnant I ran a marathon and half-marathon in back-to-back days. My fitness routine consisted of healthy eating, running 4 times a week and taking the occasional ‘body pump’ class. Unfortunately another part of my regular routine was weekly visits to my Physical Therapist to help alleviate knee pain I had as a result of ITBS. My therapist told me it was caused by weak hip muscles that support my IT band but just assumed I’d wear a running brace as long as I was a runner. Then I got pregnant with twins and put on 70 pounds (roughly 55% of my pre-pregnancy weight…albeit about 20 pounds of it was water weight I’m convinced) so was desperate to get back in shape once I got cleared to exercise after the twins were born. Enter Katie and Strength in Moms. In working with Katie I learned that strength training is key to my overall fitness and key to long term health (at least 1 major part of it). I continued to wear my knee brace for runs because it was just habit and assumed I needed it to keep the knee pain in check. Then about 2 or 3 months ago I started not wearing it when doing some shorter runs on the treadmill and shorter outdoor runs – no pain. I then started testing it on longer runs (5-10 miles) and low-and-behold still no knee pain. So, I started thinking why all of a sudden my knee pain was gone, after all, I hadn’t been to PT in almost 2 years….hum…..
Then, over the weekend I connected the dots (mind you while on my weekend long run!) that the reason I had no pain is because I am so much STRONGER now that I have been incorporating 3 days of strength training into my weekly workout schedule for the last year-and-a-half back when I first started working out with you. I am so much STRONGER and in better health now than I was before I had the twins…and (a nice little perk) weigh about 5 pounds less than I did before I was pregnant. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for teaching me the foundations for incorporating strength training into my regular routine and of its benefits.

Sarah (Multiples, Postpartum Client)

I just want to say thanks so much for helping me stay fit during my pregnancy! Not only were my labor and delivery easy, but my recovery has been so much better than last time. I feel awesome and I can’t wait to start working out with you again!! This Sunday will be 2 weeks so does that mean we can start up again next week??

-EA – Prenatal & Postpartum

“Katie motivated me to work hard and put 100% in without making post-partum recovery seem overwhelming….she is incredibly organized with her training routines, so punctual, and still really flexible with scheduling, timing, and general baby-whispering. I felt like she showed up for each session determined to help me get more fit and feel better—and her positive energy and spirit was a huge lift in the haze of sleep-deprivation too. I worked out with Katie after both of my babies were born and I hope to be able to do it again in the future! “

-Alia – (Two Time Postpartum Client)

“When I became pregnant with my first child, I knew I needed to do something to stay healthy and active – more so than I was pre pregnancy.
I’d heard about Katie from a few friends who all gave glowing reviews (no pun intended).
Throughout my second and third trimesters, I met with Katie regularly – even if I dreaded it in the mornings, I always ended up feeling better physically and mentally.
I began to really embrace and love my pregnant body and know that my efforts paid off – after delivery and the initial weight loss, I dropped weight more and toned up more quickly than I had before I’d become pregnant. To this day, nearly 3 years later, I am 25+ lbs lighter than when I started the pregnancy journey, and (bonus!) I’m longer afraid of kettle bells.”

-Holly – (Pre & Postnatal Client)

“I met Katie when I was 5 months pregnant and new to Atlanta. She has such a great attitude and was so helpful in my prenatal classes that I hired her after I had the baby for some personal training as soon as I could workout. She came to my house, held the baby while I worked out, offered sound advice and successfully helped me loose the 70 pounds I’d put on during pregnancy. This was so ideal, because the baby couldn’t go to the gym for the first 3 months. I continued working out with Katie and my neighbor joined us for the second session. We had a blast getting fit! Katie always brings new ideas to the workout!”

-Erin – (Pre & Postnatal Client)

”I began working with Katie about 3 months after giving birth to my wonderful twins. I was feeling very self-conscious about my body after gaining 70 pounds during my pregnancy and not sure if I would ever feel – or look – like myself again.  In the 6 months that I have been working with Katie she has been supportive and a cheerleader for me in my goal of getting back in shape and running distance races again. She knows when to push me, and the days not to.  I think having her come to my house as made all the difference in the world – this has allowed me to get some ‘me time’ in when my babies are sleeping. I don’t think I’d be back in my better-than pre-pregnancy shape without Katie!“

-Sarah – (Multiples, Postpartum Client)

“After my first pregnancy I barely had the strength to get up off the floor holding my newborn. That was very depressing for someone who worked out 5 times a week pre-pregnancy. While I’d been able to workout throughout my pregnancy with low-impact cardio routines, it hadn’t been enough to sustain my strength. For my second pregnancy I was determined to maintain my strength and stamina, but wanted to do it in a safe way. After careful research, I found Strength in Moms to be exactly what I was looking for!  Katie has the expert knowledge of how to work the right muscles in the right way while protecting mama and baby. She delivers a safe, action packed workout every time. She makes you sweat, laugh, and somehow forget that you’re doing mountain climbers at 9 months pregnant! Post-delivery the second time around I was able to get up off the floor not only holding my newborn, but holding my 3 ½ year old as well! I can’t say enough good things about Katie and Strength in Moms. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

-Erica – (Pre & Postnatal Client)

“Katie always came to my house with a new workout. She challenged me physically and was a great resource as a new mom. I wasn’t sure how I was going to balance doing something for myself while taking care of my son, but Strength in Moms is definitely a stress-free way to go.”

-Anjali – (Postpartum Client)

“I am extremely thankful for Katie Scharf and Strength in Moms. I credit her for the fact that ITestimonials was able to exercise much harder much faster after my 2nd pregnancy. I was too scared to workout during my 1st pregnancy and had a hard time getting back to my athletic goals in the amount of time I wanted afterward. I worked out with Katie during my 2nd pregnancy through my 2nd and 3rd trimester and after my doctor cleared me postpartum. She kept me strong, fit, and positive! Her helpful fitness advice and encouragement kept me active during and after my 2nd C-section. The workouts were always different and it was such a nice time to talk to another mom and compare ideas and strategies about parenting. I am now running and doing bootcamp again successfully much sooner than after my 1st pregnancy! Exercise helps me be the best mom I can be! Thanks so much Katie and Strength in Moms for helping make me the strong and fit mom I am today”

-Tish – (Prenatal & Postpartum Client)

“Katie has been INSTRUMENTAL in keeping me fit throughout my pregnancy and into my Testimonialspostpartum journey. I’ve been someone who has always worked out at a gym, with a trainer, and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical initially when she said she comes to the house…I thought, there is no way she can work with me at the intensity I’m used to- out of my house. Well she sure proved me wrong. Within the first few minutes of the first session, I was quickly transformed into a believer, that woman can do a lot with a set of free weights, a rubber band and a yoga mat—watch out! I’m happy to report she worked out with me right up until my doc put me on bed rest. The road back down has been much easier because of the great shape she kept me in on the way up. Her attitude, sense of humor and vast knowledge have made her so invaluable to me. I can’t imagine my life without her! The best is after you have your baby (in my case two) she still comes to your house and is willing to hold, feed and even cut their nails while you are holding a squat position or doing walking lunges and mountain climbers. I’d recommend Katie wholeheartedly to anyone who is pregnant!!!!”

-Robin – (Prenatal & Postpartum Client of Multiples)

“I have been a client of Katie’s for more than 6 months and look forward to every session. Her workouts are always unique, interesting and as good for your soul as your body. She has made getting back into shape after 2 kids enjoyable and easy to fit into a busy moms Testimonialsschedule. My kids are as happy to see her as I am!”

-Jennifer – (Postpartum Client)

“With 3 little ones 4 and under, finding some time for me is not on the top of my priority list. Strength in Moms makes me make time for myself, and in turn, makes me a better, stronger mommy for my little ones. If I didn’t have a set workout time where someone was coming to me, I would easily blow off exercising or I’d come up with a million excuses to not get it done or do it half-heartedly. Strength in Moms not only forces me to work out, but it gives me an hour of hard work with adult conversation (what mom doesn’t need a little of that in her day). And, to top it off, it is in the convenience of my house! Every workout is different – so there is no fear of getting bored, and I can honestly tell a difference in my strength from when I first started working with Katie. THANK YOU for pushing us to be better for ourselves and our families!”

-Natalie – (Postpartum Client)

“Working out with Katie after I had my baby boy gave me the jump start I needed to be strong enough and confident enough to start pushing myself in the gym again. I loved that I was able to sign up for an 8-session package with Katie–after those sessions, I was well on my way to getting my strength, agility, and shape back! Katie guided me through the hardest part of getting back into shape post-baby and from there I was able to continue the momentum. I could see a difference in my body each week, and after the sessions were over, Katie wrote up several workouts for me to do on my own.”

-Alia L. -(Postpartum Client)

“I’ll be 64 next month and feel better mentally and physically than ever before! And I guess I look ok! Haha. I’d love to run a 5k and probably will when I put my mind to it. Thanks to you and my sweet Erin (new mom) for all I’ve learned at our ‘boot camps’!! At least that’s what I felt like!! At my high school reunion I won the “Fine Wine Award”! This award is given to the classmate who has “changed the least for the best!!”

-DeeDee L -(Personal Training Group Client)